Researchers have been evaluating the use of a nitrogen inhibitor when fertilizing old forage stands. 

Nitrogen inhibitors are products that are used to prevent the loss of nitrogen through volatilization or through leaching, with the end goal to improve the retention and uptake of nitrogen by the crops.

A three-year ADOPT trial was done focusing on nitrogen inhibitors and fertilizing forage stands in Saskatchewan. 

Results from the trial could prove beneficial for producers across the prairies.

Livestock and Feed Extension Specialist Jordan Johnson says the trial which was done in three locations Weyburn, Clavet and Yorkton.

She says like any crop, forages require fertilizer to replace nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur especially when the stand is used for hay production.

The three trial sites experienced a variety of environmental conditions but overall had one consistent result.

The use of nitrogen loss inhibiting products at all three sites resulted in considerably increased yields, with yield increases ranging from 48 to 105 per cent over unfertilized treatments.

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