A pet snake has gone missing in the Bow Ridge Drive area, and the owner is asking for Cochranites help in returning it home safely.

The Snake is a rare Yellowtail Cribo, and is listed as being between five to six feet long says owner Kirsten Hack.

The snake escaped its enclosure during the night through a crack in the window screen before making its way under the deck and then into the neighbourhood.

"When checking for the snake, look in small spaces like under decks, and sheds, and if possible do so at night because the snake is nocturnal in nature, so it will be the most active at night."

Hack asks that anyone who spots the animal contact her immediately. While the snake is harmless, it does frighten easily and may flee if approached.

She's owned the snake for about three years and the species is native to Brazil.

Hack is offering a $500 reward for finding the snake.

If you have information on the location of the Yellowtail Cribo please contact Kirsten Hack. at (403) 609-1068.