In his address Monday afternoon, Premier Kenney announced additional supports for Albertans and employers in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Such supports included:

  • an Education property tax freeze, taxes will not be increase for 2020 and will remain at 2019 levels
  • an Education property tax deferral for the period of 6 months for businesses
  •  WCB premiums deferral for private sector businesses 

Kenney also took the opportunity issue a couple of very stern warnings as provinicial and federal governments are being forced to become more strict with citizens that are not abiding by the recommendations being made to stay home and self isolate. 

Kenny spoke directly to Snowbirds returning to Alberta, "They MUST self-isolate at their homes immediately upon return to Alberta this does not mean going to the grocery store, this does not mean going to the kennel to pick up your dog, it does not mean dropping your RV to be serviced, it does not mean going to visit the grandkids. It means one thing and one thing only, you must go directly and immediately to your home. Self isolation is an absolute public health imperative."

The Premier also had a very stern warnings for people that are hoarding and over purchasing necessities. As well, he warned telephone scammers and cyber criminals that are praying on the vulnerable. 

"It is completely un-Canadian, it is un-Albertan, it is unacceptable, it is illegal and if we catch anybody who's engaged in these kinds of frauds or scams, I guarantee you the book will be thrown at them and they will face the force of the law," Kenney forcefully says. Frauds and scams can be reported at

"We have heard too many stories about people who think that this self isolation rule for 14 days upon arrival is some kind of a vague general hint or suggestion, it is not," says Kenney. "It is an absolute public health imperative."

Kenney says the government is prepared to impose stronger legal tools and stronger penalties if anyone violates the direction of the public health officer. He says they have the power to issue quarantine orders and they may significantly increase fines.