The Rockyview Rage Jr. B T2 lacrosse team hopes to build upon the in-roads made last season.

With only two players aging out in the off-season and a roster with plenty of junior experience under their belt, head coach Reese Sellwood says it could be their best season yet. He says their roster is all but set with possible a couple more dropping on their lap from tier 1.

"It's probably going to be the best team we've had so far," says Sellwood. "It just keeps getting better and better every year."

Last year, the Rage turned heads when they advanced to playoffs for the first time since it was established in 2018.

Reese was pleased with the team's performance in their 8-6 exhibition win against the Wranglers on Apr. 7.

More important than win was how the team came together on the floor.

"We didn't throw a million things at them in the tune-up game. We throw them in there to see where they're at and work from there. But we were we were pleasantly surprised that everything from last year that was kind of lacking a little bit was totally fine in our exhibition game. It was weird, but it was good."

The Rage have a final exhibition game next Saturday at the Plainsmen Arena in Airdrie and a season opener there against the Axemen on Apr. 26.

Then they hit the road for three and we see them here in Cochrane for the first time on May 11 against the Southern Alberta Chaos.

One major change this season is the seemingly unstoppable Cranbrook (B.C.) Blackwolves have joined a league in their province. 

The Rage drew large, energized crowds last season and Selwood hopes it will be the same this season.

"That's my favorite part. Yeah, I love loud crowds, loud music. That atmosphere is awesome."