It has officially been a week since the announcement was made that schools across the province would close "indefinitely."

My initial reaction to this was a combination of sadness and panic.

Feeling so sad for my girls; their loss of routine and disruption in learning, and feeling anxiety and stress over how my husband and I were going to be able to make it all work.

As hard as it seems right now, to find a good work/school/family balance ... I keep trying to remind myself that this adjustment is even harder for kids to process. They are missing their physical connection to the outside world and all that it entails.

They're missing their friends, teachers, sports and activities. They're missing the field trips and concerts that were supposed to happen, they're missing playing at the playground and going to public places. That is a lot for a young child to process.

The reality really sunk in for us all on Friday when we went to empty out desks and lockers at the kids' schools.

These places that are usually filled with children, learning and laughter were quiet and empty and although my girls did a really amazing job at keeping their composure- it was tough for them.

I keep reminding myself that extra patience and understanding are necessary.

While this is a good opportunity for us, as parents to lead by example and display some important life skills, it is equally important to remember that kids need to be kids!

I am learning that having fun distractions is a part of the balance we all need.

 While we can't control what's happening in the outside world ...we can control how we react to it.