Last week a car was broken into at the Spray Lake off leash dog park, with the car window smashed, and one purse taken.

Cochrane RCMP are now reminding the town of how to keep your valuables safe, as more people leave the car behind and head out on foot in warm weather.

It’s usually common knowledge to not leave any valuables exposed, such as loose change, cell phones, and GPS units, Sergeant Jeff Campbell of the Cochrane RCMP says there’s a few more things that should be removed.

“Conceal cords, if you have your cord still plugged in, that tells people that there might be something of value inside of the car,” he says. “Take your registration and insurance out, keep that on you, because you still have to produce it upon demand if you get stopped by the police. If the car gets broken into sometimes criminals will take that for fraudulent use.”

Sgt. Campbell thinks letting any criminals know there’s nothing valuable in your car before they break in could save you the trouble.

“Through the AMA Lock It Or Lose It program we have placards that you can tuck into the driver window which basically says, there are no valuables in this car. Which tells the bad guys, don’t bother trying to break in here there’s nothing for you.”

Campbell says the RCMP see an increase in car thefts in remote areas as the mercury rises. If you are leaving your car for a long period of time it’s even more paramount to take valuables with you.

“In parks and trailheads we see a spike, especially remote areas, like if you go hiking in the Kananaskis area. If you’re in an area and you take off for a long time that’s where we see thefts from vehicles.”