The volunteers of the Redwood Meadows Emergency Services (RMES) have been named Parade Marshall for the 55th Annual Bragg Creek Days Parade on July 20.

Organizers say it's a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire team in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community and those passing through the area.

"Redwood Meadows Emergency Services has always been at the forefront of responding to emergencies, providing crucial medical, fire, and rescue services," they state in announcing their selection. "Their commitment to excellence and their unwavering support during times of need have made a significant impact on our community."

Fire chief Rob Evans says while that's not why they volunteer, the acknowledgement is appreciated.

"Recognition isn't why we do things in the community, it's because we love the community. But honestly, when that love it turned around and shown back to us, it makes us feel pretty special."

He says when you're a firefighter in a small-town volunteer department like Redwood Meadows, you're family.

"You're responding to help your neighbours. You see your neighbours in their worse time and help them through it. Something like Bragg Creek Days and being the parade marshall, I mean, we always lead and trail the parade--we've done that for years and years--but to be the ones that the parade is focused on is something special, and we're certainly proud of it."

pancakesAnnually, the volunteer firefighters serve breakfast on Bragg Creek Day. Capt. Sean Sterna is pictured above from last year's breakfast.(file photo)

Bragg Creek Days is also kicked off by the annual fundraising RMES pancake breakfast. In a bit over 2 1/2 hours last year they served 500 meals.

The recognition comes in a time of record calls to service.

There's still time to enter the parade. Click here to register. 

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