Rocky View Schools (RVS) now has its 2023-2027 Education Plan ready to go.

The goals that matter most to Rocky View Schools community of teachers, parents/guardians, and students were used to design the plan.

Here are the three main goals to be adressed by the plan:

  • Advancing students’ numeracy and literacy skills.
  • Building future-ready students.
  • Creating inclusive, engaging, healthy learning opportunities for all students.

"Staff, families and students played an important role in shaping what learning should look like in RVS. Surveys and in-person sessions contributed more than 30,000 comments and 400 pages of input to refine goals and outcomes. This feedback helped us build a comprehensive Education Plan that we are all proud of and excited about," stated Greg Luterbach, Superintendent of Schools.

To complete these goals, RVS has four priorities that will help, these include Providing active learning, effective instruction and assessment practices, creating communities of inclusivity and Promoting healthy and safe environments.

Accordording to Luterbach, "While the plan does not officially begin guiding the work of our staff until next September, it builds on the learnings and results of the past four years with some intensified focus areas that we are already actively supporting. An example is Goal One Advancing Students’ Numeracy and Literacy Skills. We heard strong support from parents/guardians and from students that this was an area RVS needed to focus on to improve student learning and we will continue to dedicate support and resources to advancing this important goal."

Also in the plan is Rocky View Schools capital plan from 2024-2027 which includes three schools in Airdrie, two in Cochrane one in Springbank and one in Chestermere. Here is what it looks like for this year and next year.

Capital Plan

"What the division looks most forward to in these plans is watching them come alive in schools. While the Education Plan lays the foundation, our schools develop individual plans with input from their staff and school community. This ensures that while we are all heading in the same direction, schools can be responsive to the unique needs within their school community. These plans are being worked on with schools right now and should be ready to share with their families at the start of the new school year," explained Luterbach.

RVS is one of the fastest growing school board in the province.