Rocky View Schools will be launching a new web portal in 2017 that will include 50 photos taken by members of the community.

RVS launched their 'Faces of Rocky View' campaign in May, looking for photos to be submitted to win a coveted spot on the new website.

In addition to photo's being posted online, winners will also have their photos mounted in RVS's Education Centre foyer and celebrated at a 'Faces of Rocky View Schools Exhibition' in 2017.

Angela Spanier, RVS Director of Communications, said that the campaign has four categories that photos can be submitted to.

"One is about culture, the other one is about learning spaces, then there's action, and we also have a creative composition category for those digital photographers that want to take their photos to the next step and actually do some Photoshop editing on their photos." 

Students, parents, teachers, and community member are all invited to submit up to 3 photos before the deadline on November 1, 2016.

After entries are received, a jury of Media Arts teachers and professional photographers will select the winning photo's.

To submit a entry, visit the Rocky View School website.