When he opened the doors to Synergy Collaborative Health in 2018, Dr. Dave Sinha had a clear vision of what healthcare in Cochrane was missing, and a plan to offer something different, a philosophy he sums up simply as “Care. Comfort. Cure.”

Born and raised in Calgary, Dr. Sinha often visited Cochrane with his family, eventually working in various local clinics in the community. During these visits, it became apparent the town was grossly under-serviced and the idea for a different approach to healthcare was born.

“I felt drawn to create a space that I knew, to me, resonated as the essence of medicine”, Dr. Sinha recalls. “I had fallen in love with Cochrane – the mountains, the river, the big hill, the creek, and most of all, the community. I felt Cochrane was, in a way, uniquely aligned with the essence of Synergy”

So, what exactly IS collaborative healthcare?

“It is working together to do better. It refers to our approach with patients, which is truly patient-centered, an alliance - patients and practitioners together constitute a team. Collaborative Health,” Dr. Sinha suggests, “reflects how each of our practitioners function, working together and capitalizing upon each of our unique strengths and special interests.”

Bringing together a multidisciplinary team under one roof, patients not only benefit from ease of access to services, but also greater collaboration between practitioners that keeps the focus squarely on a patient’s overall health.

Or, as Dr. Sinha puts it, “We believe healing is not only about tending to the fruit, but also in laying the axe to the root.”

At Synergy, patients have access to a wide array of both traditional and cutting-edge health services. They provide family medicine, lifestyle and weight loss programs, integrative medicine, hormonal therapy, mental health support, medical aesthetics and even psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.

Among the services offered at Synergy, one of the most sought after is therapeutic botox for treating chronic migraines.

“Therapeutic botox has emerged as an incredibly safe, well-tolerated and effective treatment for those suffering from headaches” Dr. Sinha says. “Studies have found an over 80% reduction in all parameters - frequency, severity and duration - after even a few treatments.” For someone suffering frequent, often debilitating headaches, this can be completely life-altering. The treatment is covered completely by health care and benefits, including plans that can be arranged at no cost to the patient.


While patient care is at the core of their approach, for the team at Synergy being collaborative means more than just offering the best possible experience in the clinic. It also means giving back, as demonstrated by their commitment to supporting sight-restoring surgeries through Seva Canada.

Dr. Sinha explains, “For every third-party aesthetic service accessed at Synergy or an affiliated satellite site we sponsor a sight-restoring surgery for someone who is blind and doesn’t have access to care.” To date, Seva has provided the gift of sight to over 5 million people globally. It’s Synergy’s way of collaborating not only with their patients, but with the community and those in need around the world.

To learn more about Synergy Collaborative Health and the services they offer, visit their website, www.synergycochrane.com