The Town of Cochrane has launched its long-anticipated advocacy campaign and is seeking the help of residents.

The campaign focuses on priorities set by the town that require the support and attention of the province government.  It has established a page entitled "Your Community, Your Voice" that is accessible here.

"To support the needs of our community today and into the future, we recognize an increased need to partner with the province," the introduction states. "Residents, your voice matters. Help us share Cochrane’s story and talk to the province about why they should be investing in our community."

The priorities included in the campaign received town council's blessings last fall.

Priorities include roadways, community infrastructure, water licensing, healthcare and EMS, and education.

“Our goal with this campaign is to ensure the advocacy priorities are understood by staff, residents, government officials and other key audiences,” states Lisa Almond, town director of organizational strategy and culture, in a news release. “Through this campaign, we are hopeful that residents understand the needs of our community, feel empowered and prepared to share and advocate on behalf of Cochrane, and most importantly are proud to be part of our community.”

The campaign also aims to inform residents of recent accomplishments, recognizes the investments and commitments already made by the province, and clarifies the responsibilities of the municipality and the roles of the province.