Canadian Country music legend, and former Cochrane resident George Fox has great memories of playing hockey in the Cochrane Arena. 

"I was a bad defenseman (number 15) on this Bantam team '74-75. I remember a "road trip" to Peace River for a tournament—our best game we lost 14 to 2 or something pathetic.? Plus two of our players came back with broken legs in casts. We got smoked" stated a note from Fox sent to 91.5 CochraneNow. 

Cochrane is in the final stretch in pursuit of winning this year's $250,000 Kraft Hockeyville prize for the Cochrane Arena.

"I understand that Dana Boothby on this team went on to coach the Cochrane Generals team for years—unlike me he had some talent! Other than that, I lost touch. Very exciting when the arena first opened, it was the first artificial ice" said Fox. 

Cochrane residents are asked to submit their stories, photos and videos stating why the Cochrane Arena is important to them and our community. 

The arena is celebrating it's 50th anniversary and the prize money would go towards renovating the stands, dressing rooms and bathrooms.

If Cochrane wins, not only will we bring in the $250,000 prize but we'll also play host to an NHL pre-season game. 

There are posters up at SLS Centre and the Cochrane Arena for people to come and use as backdrops to help in their own photo and video submissions. 

The deadline to submit your entry is 9:59 a.m. on Feb. 18.

Click here to get started.

The fox man Eric Ruttle, George Fox & Lauren Meister at the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMAs) in 2022.