The Town of Cochrane has no immediate plans to make vaccination mandatory for town staff but has established a disclosure policy.

Town CAO Mike Derricott says they are requiring staff to anonymously disclose their vaccination status.

"What we'd like to know is just a general understanding of the vaccination status of the organization so that we can make appropriate protocol decisions to protect the safety of our staffing team as well as the public and the people they interact with," says Derricott.

The data collection has only recently begun.

"I suppose if we were to learn that we have a very high vaccination rate, there would be less future engagement of the issue because it would be a relatively moot point. If we find we had a lower middling one, then there may be some further follow-up down the line to see if that's changed."

"For us, it's just about understanding that high level, general-level status so we can evaluate and make the best decisions possible."

The town is strongly encouraging its staff to be vaccinated.