With the public health emergency re-declared by the province and new restrictions enacted, the Town of Cochrane is working to ensure services will continue to be delivered smoothly.

Mayor Jeff Genung says while the province is back to where it was in the spring this time around the town has the advantage of having to work within stringent guidelines.

"I'm sure everyone at the ECC (Emergency Coordination Centre) will be spending most of the night reading through the guidelines and restrictions and seeing where, when, and how it affects everyone who works at the Town of Cochrane," said Genung last night. "This won't be new territory, that's for sure, no matter who it affects. We'll figure it out and we'll find a part forward and continue to operate at a high level and do what we can."

"The next three weeks will be interesting, and hopefully the province sees a decline in cases and this will be measures that we've taken that will have an impact in the right direction."

Genung was among municipal officials on a conference call with Premier Jason Kenny and Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Chief Medical Officer of Health, last week.

"There was a strong indication that the provincial government did not want to affect the economy and schools. I was kind of surprised by some of the measures for the schools but at the same time COVID continues to throw us these curve balls and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary anymore."