A major new sign for the recently rebranded SLS Centre has been installed today.

Since making the announcement, the new brand has become more common throughout the town's recreation and leisure hub. This sign, though, is the most visible change to date for passing vehicles and pedestrians.

The symbolism of the new logo to accompany the name change from the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre depicts four peaks that symbolize the forest, mountain, water, and heart, all of which relate to the centre and our community during the launch in mid-January.

Within the new logo is also the Spray Lake Sawmills brand diamond, creating a visual association between brands, and symbolizing its strong partnership with Spray Lake Sawmills. During the launch, the colour selection within those diamond shapes was explained.

Forest (purple) - SLS core business and commitment to environmental stewardship and community growth.

Mountain (orange) - Strength, beauty, and an everlasting part of our legacy.

Heart (white middle) - Love, support, and our shared passion to encourage a healthy community.

Water (blue) - Fluid, graceful, and a connection to our facility placement along the Bow River.

SLS guest servicesPatrons were quickly greeted by the new brand on the day of its launch in mid-January. (file photo)