A tip from the public has led to the recovery of a cargo trailer stolen in Crossfield that contained the personal effects of people in the midst of moving, including 18 firearms.

The search for the culprits responsible for the theft, though, continues.

RCMP information officer Cpl. Troy Savinkoff says investigating officers believe all the effects were still intact but will be completing an inventory of the heavily-packed trailer with the owners.

The contents included 18 firearms stored in two gun safes, which would be of the utmost concern for the RCMP.

"Who knows what would happen to those, whose hands they would end up in, but it was nice to see that it looks like all the stuff was recovered," says Cpl. Savinkoff. "The RCMP don't believe it was abandoned. We do believe the thieves, who we are still looking for, intended to come back for that trailer."

He says the extra eyes and ears of the public are valued by the RCMP.

The trailer was stolen in the early hours of Apr. 21 from a parking lot on Railway Street and Osler Avenue in Crossfield. Unknown suspects detached the trailer from the truck, attached it to another truck, and departed with it.