A makeathon going on in Cochrane beginning August 26, brought together 35- 40 top designers, engineers, and technologists making up seven different multi disciplinary teams.

The Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) is a rapidly growing, global movement that uses inclusive design and technology to address the neglected needs of people with disabilities.

This the second year the TOM makeathon has occurred and the teams were able to accommodate all applicants.

The teams worked at, and constructed alongside Cochrane's EGB Manufacturing staff who also donated their time and specialties, to help create the designs.

Kathryn Simone, TOM Calgary, Communication representative, says the designs are created open source prototypes.

"A lot of these challenges have been neglected for far too long, the technology that we take for granted has been in accessible for a lot of people with disabilities. We don't plan on commercializing this technology, the designs have been made open source so that it can be quickly adapted to anyone who needs it."

One applicant Ben Haines, a quadriplegic, requested a portable, collapsible bed lift for when he travels.

"Their going to be building me a portable, collapsible lift that assembles on a basis of someone could do it by themselves like me. It is to get me in and out of the chair to the bed or vice versa in remote locations such as motels, hotels, and possibly even taking it on the airplane to travel."

Haines adds the lift will be life changing in giving him more freedom.

"It would make the biggest difference for me getting around and seeing more places and being more accessible to the world."

The seven prototypes were on view Sunday August 28 at closing ceremonies, to see final designs of all TOM projects you will find it here