Warrant Officer Bradley Ross has been stationed all over the world and for the last two years, he has called Cochrane home. As is the case with most people that move to our fair town, Ross would be more than happy to put down permanent roots here.  

However, before his arrival here Ross’ career took him to many places.  

Warrant Officer Ross’ military career began in 1992 through a high school co-op program in which he spent 10 years as a reservist until 2002 when he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force as an avionics system technician and went through training at Borden in Kingston, Ontario. His first posting was in Greenwood Nova Scotia and after four years was promoted to Master Corporal and moved to Petawawa where he was a part of the 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron. After seven years with the 427, he was promoted to Sergeant and moved to Edmonton to join the 408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron. From there, he was deployed to Iraq and Africa and four years later, was promoted to Warrant Officer and was posted to Calgary in his current position as a contracted Maintenance Control. Ross and his family decided to move to Cochrane and in his words, “Absolutely love it here.”  

The Ross family is already very active in the community including joining the Royal Canadian Cochrane Legion Branch #15. Ross says, “Because my head department is Ottawa, my mess I belong to is in Ottawa, so I was looking for a place to go and socialize with other veterans and people that are like-minded. So, I decided to get involved with the Cochrane Legion and very quickly became a member of the executive.”

Ross cannot say enough positive things about the Cochrane Legion. “I love going there, and my daughter loves going there, she is nine years old, and she bugs me to go because she just loves the environment and the people and the hospitality, and the friendliness that is involved within the Legion.”  Ross wishes to remind everyone that you do not have to be a veteran, be related to a veteran, or be a member to enjoy the Legion. However, they are more than happy to have new members join. Ross says, “Being one of the younger members within the Legion, we are really trying to draw the next generation to come in.” 

As for the Remembrance Day ceremony on Friday, November 11, and the return of a full in-person service this year is very important because as Ross says, “It brings people together to remember the sacrifices our veterans have made, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice as well as that social interaction to be able to talk to the vets, past and present, on-site.” 

Ross is more than happy to share his personal stories saying, “Being in uniform and having kids come up to me and asking me what the medals are for and what I have done and telling them about my adventures and being on tour. My crew and I were part of an ambulance crew in Kosovo and saved a four-year-old boy's life. That is the biggest highlight of my career. It is not going to war to fight it is going to help people.” 

Warrant Officer Ross will be undertaking a couple of new roles this year with planning the parade of colours and he will serve as master of ceremonies for the Remembrance Day ceremony.  

The Remembrance Day service will begin at 10:45 a.m. at the cenotaph on 5th Avenue.