The upcoming graduation class of 2024 at Cochrane High School (CHS) have donned their goggles, water wings and super-soakers in hopes of being crowned the winner in a viral grad game.

Dubbed ‘Senior Assassin', the game has the teens searching for each other throughout town to tag them with a water gun.

“You are assigned a random team and a different team is assigned to you,” says Matthew Conaboy, a grade 12 student at CHS. “The goal would be to shoot them with the water gun and eliminate them for the game, eventually leading you to win all the bragging rights.”

“It's all outside of school. So anywhere around town is fair game. You're safe at school, safe at work, anything like that.”

The game has gained a lot of attention in the U.S.A over the past decade but this is the first time it has been played at Cochrane High.

water(Photos and videos provided)

Cochranites might notice teens playing by their unique attire.

water gun(Photos and videos provided)

“You have to be wearing either swim goggles on your eyes or like pool floaties or something like that around your arms or waist in order to be safe.”

The eliminations have been bountiful with over 60 students tagged in the first few days of play.