Residents of Cochrane continue to be asked to support mandatory water conservation efforts as the town responds to the Oct. 21 wastewater incident. 

Crews have been unable to isolate the water line for the repair process, leading to a sustained and substantial loss of water.

As of Tuesday evening, water to some homes in Cochrane was turned off. 

Fire crews personally delivered notices to Riverside Place residents, informing them that they would be without water for a minimum of 48 hours. Potable water will be delivered to each affected household, and a potable water trailer will be stationed on-site to meet any additional requirements.

The town says more households and businesses may encounter similar inconveniences in the coming days.

Cochrane residents with water are being asked to refrain from turning the taps on.

The town is asking residents to not shower or bathe, do laundry or dishes at this time. 

Town Administration has reached out to local businesses, seeking their cooperation in reducing water usage. "We are appreciative of the creativity that businesses have employed in responding to this request. We have not requested businesses to close. However, we do recognize that the temporary closure of the Spray Lake Sawmills Centre has resulted in significant water conservation during this time." stated a news release

"We continue to keep schools and emergency response facilities informed and up-to-date on the current state of our water situation. We support the continued use of the water required to maintain basic hygiene at all facilities, businesses and households."

There are a few road closures in place to allow crews to complete repairs:

- Riverview Drive

- Eastbound Gleneagles Drive

- West Side Drive

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