Yesterday, people from far and wide braved the heavy snowfall in Cochrane to participate in the North Forty Feed and Farm Chicken Day pickup event.

With 2,000 pre-ordered live chickens available on-site, the annual event saw a continuous flow of pickups throughout the day.

Manager Emily Amsing notes that the event's popularity only continues to expand.

"In previous years it was around the 700 to 1000, so it's definitely doubled these last couple of years."

chicken sale 2

The annual event has evolved into a springtime tradition for the community. She mentioned that some traveled for hours just to pick up their birds.

"This is not Cochrane residents. It's more rural residents that are in the surrounding areas of Cochrane and we even have people traveling from BC. We had a guy here that was from Invermere. He drove all the way here for six chickens."

The Town of Cochrane does not allow backyard chickens. 

chicken sale 3

Amsing said the 19-week-old point of lay Lohmann Brown laying hens were $17.25 a bird this year compared to $16.50 in 2023.