Cochrane RCMP are asking people to think before they post online after a 15 year old was charged with uttering threats yesterday.

The youth had posted a threatening image and message to the App 'Snapchat', and it was taken very seriously.

RCMP Constable Jennifer Brewer says youth need to remember what they post can have big consequences.

"You want to be very cautious about what you are posting because it could have criminal ramifications depending on what you're putting out there."

Cst. Brewer says what you post on social media has lingering effects.

"It's not a private matter, even when you have high security settings. Whatever you post on the internet, or on these apps is out there forever."

She explains even posting on apps such as Snapchat, that advertise the post will be deleted after a certain amount of time, can still be quite permanent.

"If you know how to use your phone you can make it stay, and keep it in your records, It can be tracked back to the owner of the account."

She adds anything on the internet is still public, people can still see it. If it's meant to be private don't post it.

Brewer also encourages parents speak with their children, and monitor their internet behaviour.

"Talk to your children about what's appropriate internet behaviour and what's not; look at their phones, and their accounts. Parents do forget that they are allowed to look at their accounts, if your child is under the age of 18 you are still responsible for them."

If you experience cyber bullying, Brewer advises ignoring and blocking any posts you don't want on your account, talking to an adult, reporting it to the website you are using, and if it goes into a criminal realm, take it to the RCMP.