Just when the ball seemed to be rolling in the right direction, the Rocky View Foundation has been turned down for provincial funding to assist in the replacement of the Big Hill Lodge.

"We really don't know why," says Susan Flowers, Cochrane's representative on the foundation. "We got a letter stating that we weren't successful and we're anxious to find out more information and what to do next. We have to keep at this and keep it going."

"We can't get started without some money from the government. There's so much money to raise still even if do participate, but we can't start without this funding."

She believes they were seeking about $14 million towards the project.

Flowers says the lodge is the foundation's top priority. It was built in 1977 and is showing its age. While structural sound at this point, there are and crack signs of fatigue, including cracks in the walls.

"Every time it rains, it seems to crack more and chip more," says Flowers, 'So we've got to check it and make sure it's still safe. It's getting more concerning all the time."

In March, Carol Borschneck, former chief operating officer of the foundation, pointed out some of the cracks in the wall to Cochrane Now to illustrate the need for a new lodge. 

"If we can get this this funding from the province, that'll make all the difference," she said. 

At the time, funding looked hopeful. Local MLA Peter Guthrie has advocating for the funding for years and help arranged visits by several Alberta Seniors ministers. Jason Nixon was the last minister to visit the local lodges.

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During the visit, Nixon encouraged the Rocky View Foundation to apply for funding from the $65 million pool of provincial government funding announced.