The Parent Grad Committee for the 2022 Graduating Class at Bow Valley High School has a goal to create a spectacular event to mark the end of the students’ school careers. While it was announced recently that the graduating class will have a convocation, the high school will not be organizing any type of banquet after that.

Lisa Hyde is leading the parent committee and explains why parents are taking the reins. “We’ve been in touch with the school and unfortunately because of COVID, I think because they have had to pivot the last couple of years, it’s tough for them to get behind putting on a banquet for these grads, so we are doing it all ourselves.” Both RVS high schools in Cochrane are doing the same thing with Cochrane High’s grad banquet tentatively set for June 3 followed by Bow Valley High School’s tentative grad banquet on June 4. With the dates being back to back, it enables planners to share the venue and other things like the stage, DJ, lighting, decorations, etc.

Hyde says, “Basically we’re putting on a party event, a grad banquet, to celebrate all these grade 12 kids because they’ve had it tough the last couple years. And I think they just deserve to be celebrated as a whole class. They’ve been together, some of these kids, 12 years. This could be the last time they all get together as a whole.”

While there is a dedicated group of parents working to put the banquet together, the committee does have a stumbling block. Since the school is not directly involved, the committee does not have access to a grad list, contact emails, or other such information. So, the committee is reaching out to all parents and guardians of the 2022 Graduating Class at Bow Valley High School to reach out to the committee. The Parent Grad Committee needs to know if there is support and interest to move ahead with a grad banquet. “We’re trying to get the word out and trying to steer people towards the Facebook page and an email address that we have. Just to kind of get this underway. We are talking about organizing this event for at least 600 people grads and their guests.”

Hyde says they are trying to reach as many parents as possible as well as trying to get some sponsorships too that will help get the large event off the ground.

This is what is tentatively planned thus far for the BVHS Grad 2022 banquet:

When: June 4, evening

Where: SLS Family Sports Centre - Curling Centre

What: Dinner / Dance / Speeches

Cost: Around $75/ticket

Who: Any and all BVHS Grads plus 4-5 guests

It is an option for a whole grade celebratory party, complete with red carpet, caterers, music, a photo booth, and a program of events.

June 4 is not far away so the BVHS Parent Grad Committee is asking all graduating class parents and guardians to respond whether in favour or not to discern whether the plans can proceed.

Please join the Facebook page and register your interest.

More details on the event will follow but they hope to start selling tickets as soon as possible. 

Parents and guardians can also contact the committee by email at

Facebook page BVHS 2022 Graduation.

BVHS graduation banquet flyerParent response is vital for the 2022 Graduation banquet to proceed.