There are many ways to get to know town council candidates, and most are heavily relying on social media at this point.

That's not the case with Kaitlin Chamberlain. Getting to know her is as easy as enjoying a walk on one of the town's many pathways.

She's running a no fundraising, all-walking campaign. 

"I've got some t-shirts being made up so I'm easily recognizable. People are more than welcome to approach me or walk with me while I'm out and talk about issues in the town--things they like, things they want to see changed--or just their garden. I'm out to talk."

She's been posting her daily walking schedule on her website and normally brings along her friendly pug Zelda. She also comes prepared with hand sanitizer and extra face masks.

Chamberlain is a born and raised Cochranite.

"I've lived here my entire life. I lived in Glenbow for 18 years, and the west end for 16. I just wanted to give back to the community and be a steward for the town."

She has spent 36 hours since December watching council meetings. Along the way, she has compiled 58 pages of word document notes.

Chamberlain sees value in establishing an audit program for town projects to heighten accountability. She's noticed some project budgets have been presented to council without contingencies. In some cases, elements of the project have been left out.

"It would be valuable to have a review at the end of the project where we can look at the good, bad, and the ugly and publish that in layman's terms so everyone in town can see how a project wrapped up. You can then avoid similar issues in the future if there are any found."

She says Cochrane needs to keep its urban sprawl in check and believes in the aspirations of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board, although she isn't a fan of Calgary's veto clout. She believes there is value in working with nearby municipalities to help save money and keep land use logical and economical.

Chamberlain also wants to see the water licence issue resolved.

Over the years, she has volunteered countless hours at the Cochrane Humane Society and has financially supported both the Cochrane Activettes and the Bow Valley High School's curriculum awards program.

She's also a devoted beekeeper.

"I would like to see some bylaw put in for beekeeping, so everyone feels like they've been heard and both sides of the coin are taken into account for people's properties. I've been doing it for four years, and I love it. It's so interesting. They're the coolest insect you can think of."

She invites people to visit her website to learn more. There, you'll also find her walking schedule and a weekly poll.