Have you ever wanted to view a solar eclipse but we're concerned about the safety of staring at it?

Cochranite Tim Giese has you covered.

On Saturday morning (Oct. 14), he's setting up his powerful 10.5" Dobsonian telescope to allow people to view the partial solar eclipse near the Paul Daniels Stage in Mitford Park.

"I've got a big solar filter so you can look through my telescope right at the sun," says Giese, who is president of the Cochrane Environmental Action Committee. "I do have a few of the special glasses that you need, the little mylar glasses. They're cheap ones, but they're good, and people can look at it that way."

eclipse tableLocal times (MST) are stated above.

The partial eclipse begins at 9:14 a.m. and continues until 11:45. It reaches its peak at 10:26.

"After 10:26, the moon will start to move away, so people can come, take a look through the telescope, and say that's cool, or if they want to stick around for the whole two hours, they're welcome."

Saturday morning's weather forecast is promising, but it has been known to suddenly change when there's an exciting celestial event in our area.

"Keep your fingers crossed, because right now the forecast looks really good. It looks like a very nice clear day, especially a clear morning."

Giese is planning to head to eastern Canada to view a full solar eclipse happening on Apr. 8, which unfortunately can't be experienced here this time around.

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