Sadly, one of the big old trees at Cochrane Ranche was felled by a storm a storm this year.  

CHAPS (Cochrane Historical & Archival Preservation Society) is looking to make something good out of the sad event.  

The tree is on town property but because it was near the museum, CHAPS asked if they can have a piece of art carved out of the remaining stump.  

Brian Widahl, of Widahl Woodcraft, was asked for his expertise and said that the remaining stump needs to be dried before he can carve something out of it. Larry Want, with CHAPS says, to keep moisture from getting into the stump and rotting it, “We have wrapped it up and leave it until sometime in the spring.”  

Want says they have had several suggestions for the design of the carving but says it depends on the artist. The tree had a sliver in it that Widahl believes can be cut out and used in the piece. Want says, “Obviously, we are going to choose something that is related to Cochrane or Cochrane Ranche or something like that.” 

If residents have any creative ideas, they can reach out to CHAPS.

The design of the stump carving will be decided upon by the artist and CHAPS members and then will need to be approved by the Town’s Outside Art Committee. 

For now, the stump will go through the drying process over the winter and residents can look forward to seeing the artistic creation sometime next year.