This past weekend a bottle drive was held to help raise money for the Pickering family and their daughter Paige, who is fighting brain cancer.

The drive was organized by family friend Patricia Green, "At first when I started organizing the bottle drive I felt guilty for focusing on one family when there are so many families struggling, but as things progressed I realized it was not just about the Pickering's and their daughter Paige, It was about a town coming together because they wanted to give hope." said Green. 

They were able to fill two trailers, one 18ft and another 22ft. The funds from the event are still being counted.

Green said she and the Pickering family were overwhelmed with the amount of support they received.

Paige Pickering was born with Cerebral Palsy and when she turned twelve, she was diagnosed with a benign gangliolioma brain tumor which she had to get surgically removed, she was left with only 28 per cent functioning brain tissue which formed new connections. At sixteen Paige was diagnosed with a stage three ovarian germ cell cancer and went through four rounds of chemotherapy. Now at 28, in May of last year they found a new brain tumor in the same location of when she was twelve. 

The family has a gofundme page which has already raised over 13 thousand dollars.

botte drive