Cochrane residents don't need to go without their coffee today thanks to some quick action from Cochrane Fire Services. 

Fire Chief Shawn Polley said they responded to Coffee Traders on Sunday morning after people walking nearby noticed darker-than-normal smoke coming from the chimney of the building at around 9:45 a.m. 

"On arrival, crews did confirm there was a fire in the chimney at Coffee Traders. Through the aerial, they gained access to the area and did some suppression there." 

Luckily the building was not badly damaged. 

"No major damage to the business or the Historic Downtown block, so they were wrapped up pretty quickly. The fire is just under investigation right now." said Polley. 

"They had some light smoke conditions inside but they brought everybody outside to a safe spot, but the business is still open, so definitely credit to early notification and a quick response by Cochrane Fire Services. 

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