Hand sanitizer has been in extremely high demand for months now, and nearly impossible to find on any store shelf in town.

The Cochrane Kiwanis Club has taken these sanitization matters into their own hands and has been busy bottling and distributing hand sanitizer to local organizations and front line workers.

Cochrane Kiwanis Club President Ronald Gosselin says that after some internal fundraising they were able to invest in bulk order. He says "We were able to get our hands on hand sanitizer in bulk, it is manufactured based on the recipe from the World Health Organization. It has 80% alcohol in it and it works to fight the virus"

Gosselin says that the  Cochrane Kiwanis Club was able to produce and distribute 80 bottles of hand sanitizer to the Cochrane Food Bank. He says "Once we got the hand sanitizer in our hands, we asked around to find out who could use this to help out as many people as possible. We determined that it could really help the food bank for them to locally distribute."

Gosselin says that The Kiwanis Club is hoping to produce and distribute even more hand sanitizer to more organizations and frontline workers in and around the Cochrane area.  He says "There is a lot of need for this and we'd like to do some fundraising to raise enough funds to produce another batch or two and be able to distribute to other service clubs in the area."

If you wish to support this effort you can send an e- transfer to The Cochrane Kiwanis Club secretary at  dirkbannister@gmail.com  

You can also donate by credit card via Canadahelp.org at https://bit.ly/2XLxd7U  (Kiwanis Northmount Pandemic fund)