The Cochrane Pregnancy Care Centre has been here, helping local women for over 25 years.

They rely on the generosity of Cochranites, and right now there's a need for diapers.

Elise Shelley with the Cochrane Pregnancy Care Centre says they're holding a diaper drive this weekend.

"Basically we're looking for diapers. Primarily size 4-6 is what we need the most. Wipes and gift cards from local businesses."

Shelley says they always appreciate monetary donations as well. 

You can drop off your donation or schedule to have them pick it up by Aug. 26.

The diaper drive will go on Saturday, Aug. 29 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Shelley says they were expecting a large increase in pregnancies when COVID-19 first appeared here. 

"We ended up actually with not as many as we expected. We still got quite a few new clients during COVID and we did remain open during COVID, just by appointment only and for curbside pickup for material needs for our clients that already existed, too."

She says they provide their clients with all of the necessities. 

"We have within our centre, a little boutique. So it has maternity clothing, baby clothing and blankets and everything you would really need to raise a baby. We also have formula and food for the baby."

"Recently Ghost River Crossing has provided us with meals. So we have meals for a lot of our clients right now, which has been a huger saver for them during COVID."

Their major fundraising gala was cancelled because of COVID and they were supposed to host a dessert night this fall, but that will likely not go ahead because of the large gathering restrictions that are in place.

Shelly says they're always there to help women, no matter what.

"We serve any woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy or requires financial support with that pregnancy. Regardless of their age, race, belief or marital status. So we're just there to help them through the process of making a decision of what to do. So we'll education them."

You can go here to find out more information about the Cochrane Pregnancy Care Centre

Diaper Drive