The Cochrane Public Library is holding a full week of events to entertain local kids during spring break.

Running from April 1st-6th there will be a family fun event going everyday.

Carmen Erison, program and engagement manager gave a little insight on each event.

It all kicks off with a family friendly movie day.

"I can't announce the actual title. However I can say, let's just say that it stars a big fat orange cat that loves lasagna. So yes, definitely stop into the library." She added if you're in the library at that time you have a chance of taking the movie home.

"You're going to be able to come into the library and make your own fun little edible treat and learn about Edible Book Day." 

Dinosaur expert and amateur Paleontologist Tim Jeffries will be coming in on Wednesday and talking about how the dinosaurs survived in the Mesozoic Era and what the Arctic looked like.

"We're cleaning out our large program closets, and we are going to fill our activity room with all sorts of lovely craft supplies. And the sky is the limit when it comes to this one. Children and families can come to the library, they can they can build crafts, they can make all sorts of fun things." she added it will be like the makerspace the library used to have.

The day before the big edible book event will have the library converted into a mini golf course.

"The staff are going to be working with creating lots of fun challenges. So this is a free for all events you can come in and just make your way around the fun little golf course and I can tell you some of these holes are going to be very challenging" said Erison

All the events are free to attend.