A group of young Cochrane ladies are hard at work trying to help local moms and dads. 

The teens have started a babysitter businesses called Cochrane Alberta Babysitters with the goal of helping to make finding a babysitter an easier task. 

Ellie Benedetto says when one of the babysitters is unable to work, another one of the sitters can step in. 

"We can connect with each other and see who can. Whoever can then can go and connect with the parent who is in need of a babysitter, or a dog sitter, or a house sitter and we can collectively work together and help all the parents of Cochrane."  


"Our team makes sure your child is very well taken care of while you are away at work. For instance, if you have a big job meeting and need to leave the house for a few hours, one of our sitters will come and watch your children. We know it can be hard to leave your kids with someone you’ve never met before but we are available to have meet and greets with new families in need of a sitter." states a post on the group's Facebook page. 

The 14-year-old's have received great feedback from local parents. 

"It's really positive because everyone is so excited for a few people to be doing something like this." says Benedetto. 

She says all of the sitters have experience watching kids. 

"We have first aid, I specifically have diabetic training and medication in my household. I have done concussion protocol and basically any kind of injury and we have several years of experience."   

The groups rates are as follows:

  1. Childcare - $5 an hour per child
  2. Pet sitting - $5 an hour per pet
  3. House sitting - $10 a day

You can reach out to the sitters on their Facebook group.