A local veteran is making sure to share his stories and the importance of Remembrance Day to the younger population. 

Lloyd Leugner, also known as Tex, is a veteran of UN and NATO peacekeeping missions in the Gaza Strip, Sinai, Cyprus and also served in Germany.

He says he joined the army in 1957 under a program called the apprentice training program. 

He says "I decided that, that was for me. I wanted to get off the farm. I was raised in Saskatchewan and I didn't want to pick rocks and shovel manure for the rest of my life. So I joined the army in 1957 and served for 15 years and retired as a warrant officer in 1972."

Leugner shares his story to local students in and around Cochrane as part of The Memory Project. 

He says talking to kids is critical so they know the importance of what Canada has accomplished and what veterans have done to create what our country is today.