Cochrane's runĀ of daily pancake breakfasts coinciding with the return of the Calgary Stampede began today at the Cochrane & Area BGC, with help from the Cochrane Lions.

All it took to get a serving of fresh pancakes and breakfast sausages was a donation to the organization.

Now those of you who were not in attendanceĀ are probably wondering how good were the pancakes? How well did the sausage compliment the flap jacks? Or, did the syrup bring the whole package together?

I was in attendance for the official CochraneNow review.


As IĀ approached the service table IĀ was greeted with a smile, but not a forced smile.Ā This one was sincere, something you can only find when someone truly enjoys what they are doing.

After I gleefully made my donation to the cause, IĀ strolled over and received my pancakes, sausages, and syrup (butter was also an option, but IĀ declined this time). At first glance, IĀ was quite pleased.Ā Nice and golden brown and the type of form that would absorb some syrup without making it soggy. The sausage patties were cooked somewhatĀ darker, not that was an issue becauseĀ on meat items because IĀ find that some caramelization really brings out the taste in the sausage.

Next, IĀ walked over to a table, broke out my silverware, poured my syrup, and prepared my palette for an assault on theĀ senses.

It was heavenlyĀ whenĀ the syrup hit my taste buds. I thought surely this isn't a regular pancake breakfast, only syrup this thick but still smoothĀ could only come from a maple tree at least 100 years old from within aĀ Quebec forest.

After I had finished my meal and sufficiently cleansed my palette with water, IĀ looked down and realized that a mosquito had landed in my leftover syrup and had passed on. A smile came across my face because with the return of mosquitos, I realized that summer had finally returned.

Final ranking: 5/5 cowboy hats.šŸ¤ šŸ¤ šŸ¤ šŸ¤ šŸ¤ 

Lastly, If you couldn't make it to the breakfast but still want to support the Cochrane BGC then check out their website.

-Connor the Intern.