Cochrane’s Brittni Wilson is making sure no jack-o-lantern goes to waste post-Halloween. 

She is collecting pumpkins in her Fireside front yard (189 Fireside Place) to be donated to a local farm this weekend. 

“Last year I did the same thing for the same family just outside of Fireside here,” says Wilson. “I do it because we ourselves carved like 20 pumpkins. We have a massive Halloween setup that we do every year up here in Fireside and my husband does amazing pumpkin carvings.”

“I  think it's sad just to throw those away in our green bin so I tried to figure out who locally we could support.”

She found a farm just outside of Fireside that feeds two calves, 13 sheep, 12 turkeys, five ducks, 17 chickens, and 37 pheasants. 

She began collecting pumpkins immediately following Halloween and has already seen a large outpouring of donations. 

“The whole side of my front yard is completely stacked, I would say at a minimum 100 right now.”

Donated pumpkins should be cleaned of all decorations including candles, paint, and glitter. 

She plans on leaving her yard open for Cochranites to drop off donations until Friday when she will transport the pumpkins to the farm. Anything extra will be passed along to The Cochrane Ecological Institute.