An incredible 350 lbs of food was dropped off at the Veterans Association Food Bank thanks to the generosity of Cochranites on Halloween night. 

That's in addition to $130 in cash donations that also came in. 

Between 300 and 350 people were brave enough to visit the Frights for Food - CarnEVIL haunted house, in Riversong on October 31st. 

Organizer, Gary Robertson, who transforms his home every year on Halloween calls it another successful event. 

He does say it was slightly under his goal of 500 lbs, but that seems to be an indicator of the times.

“When I dropped off the donations at the Veterans Association Food Bank, they were very appreciative and indicated that their donations are down this year."

haunted house

"There is still an opportunity to help them meet the needs of our veterans going into the winter and the holiday season. If you’re looking for a cause to support this holiday season, please consider the Veterans Association Food Bank” says Robertson.

He says he's already planning ahead to 2024.

“We will be back again next year with ASYLUM, and as always we are already planning on how we can make it bigger and better.”

haunted house

haunted house

Robertson has collected more than 3000 lbs of food since he started this seven years ago.

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