A three per cent tax increase approved by Rocky View County (RVC) council is expected to address the effects of inflation and growth.

On Nov. 29, council approved its 2024 operating and capital base budget. County officials say it is designed to ensure the continuation of quality services without significant impacts on residents.

Key highlights of the capital budget include:

• Investment in fire services equipment

• Development of recreation parks and community support facilities, with specific plans for Langdon and South Springbank community facilities.

• Infrastructure improvements at Blueridge Estates through the Lasso Trail parking lot project.

• Construction of a vital regional pathway connecting Balsam Ave and West Bragg Creek Trail, enhancing transportation and recreational access for residents.

During council's deliberations, a strong emphasis was placed on ensuring a fair and equitable budget. This was achieved through meticulous analysis and consideration of various factors impacting the County's financial and operational sustainability.

As you will notice, the 2024 budget has a different look and feel as we move away from not just the financial figures but are now including services levels," says Reeve Crystal Kissel. "As a ratepayer, this will help you to better understand where your tax dollars are being spent."

The budget has been approved earlier than normal, something Kissel attributes to efforts of its administration. Last year, final approval didn't come until April and was also a three per cent increase, down from the six per cent initially proposed. In 2022, it was approved in January 2022 and saw a four per cent increase.

Council will review and approve a final 2024 budget in the spring. Once this occurs, tax rates are set, and assessment notices are mailed.

Residents can visit here to learn more about their property taxes and contact Rocky View County to obtain information specific to their assessment and tax bill.

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