The Chinook Film Group is offering a special treat at the one-night showing of the newly released indie film "Hailey Rose" on Apr. 17 at 7 p.m.

Writer-director Sandi Sommer will be in attendance and will be participating in a Q&A after the viewing.

Tickets are now available at the Cochrane Movie House box office and can also be purchased online here.

Just five days ago, the film made its Canadian theatrical debut in downtown Calgary, Halifax and Toronto. Shot in Alberta and Nova Scotia, the film is produced by Scott Lepp, from Okotoks, and his Alberta company Lylond Entertainment along with Connect3 Media and Sphere Films.

Brock Skretting, of Keep Alberta Rolling, says Hailey Rose is a barrel-of-laughs piece of Canadiana.

The story revolved around newly-unemployed Hailey Rose, who after years of successfully avoiding her family, gets a frantic call from her sister with news compelling her to return to their east coast hometown — only to discover a stunning surprise waiting for her.

"I really enjoyed everything about this film but one cool thing that stuck out to me was how Calgary was seen as a modern and forward-thinking city full of job opportunities and where the main character could pursue their authentic self," writes Skretting, head of advocacy for Keep Alberta Roling, a locally funded grassroots nonprofit organization created to showcase the benefits and potential of the Alberta screen industry. "The collaborative nature of it being filmed in both Alberta and Nova Scotia also showcased just how big and beautiful this country we live in really is."

The film stars Kari Matchett, Em Haine, and Caitlynne Medrek.

Independent award-winning filmmaker Somers is a native of Cape Breton who has resided in Alberta for the last two decades. She has worked in Canada and Europe for the past 25 years as a filmmaker, theatre artist, and educator. 

According to her IMDb profile, her work often revolves around challenges within human nature, discovery of truth, while addressing themes of connection.

The trailer can be viewed here.

Hailey Rose