As we head into the August long weekend, local fire officials are reminding us to have fun but be safe.

Fire Inspector Jeff Avery says right now there isn't a plan to implement a fire ban but it has been quite hot and dry recently so it's important to use extra caution when having a camp fire.

"We did get a couple of warnings from the Alberta Forestry saying that it's starting to dry up so use extreme caution if you are going out and having a fire. It's still somewhat green out there but three or four more days of this and we're going to start to see that in the grass and it gets more flammable and stuff like that."

The forecast is calling for extreme heat this weekend and Avery is reminding you to be careful if you're going to be spending a lot of time outside.

"Stay hydrated and if you are working outside throw a hat on, get in a little bit of shade whenever you can, if you're on a break. Just lots and lots and lots of fluids and lots of sunscreen. We aren't used to seeing 30 degrees here in Alberta, this is the hottest it's been all year. Look after yourself."

A lot of Cochranites will be looking to cool off in the river this weekend which is a great option if you do it safely. 

"We're still in the runoff season so use approved watercraft for the river. Don't use a little rubber tube or a rubber dingy that you buy for $10. I'm not saying that those are bad, but they're not meant for the river. Always wear a life jacket on the river. There's so much debris and the water is still a bit murky that you can't see underneath.There's so much stuff that you don't even know that's there, it's extremely dangerous."