The Cochrane and Area Humane Society has been feeling the effects of the extreme cold this week. Numerous animals have been surrendered and brought in with medical emergencies leading to a full main building and the need for new foster homes has jumped considerably.

Inside the Humane Society, there are 28 dog kennels and over 30 cat kennels. All are full.

“Last time I checked, we had over 90 dogs in our care, which means, that is exactly how many foster homes that we have right now, “ says Tiffany Beaton, communications coordinator for the Humane Society. 

“The other day I was just shocked at the amount of animals pouring through the door. People came in with just desperate surrenders or injured animals. They just kept coming all day long and that's when I made that post for for some help. Every staff member took home another dog. We just try and clear some room in the shelter for these guys.”



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Beaton says that becoming a foster home is a quick application and there is no set length of commitment.

“You can decide how long to have the animal for, some people just do a week and some people have them until they get adopted. It's completely up to you and kind of what works with your schedule. We're thankful to have a home to put these beautiful animals into.”

“We're also looking for a few longer term, more experienced homes as well as we do have a couple of dogs that need more attention, whether it's medical or behaviour. If you are a little bit more of an experienced home, we would greatly appreciate it.”

The application to become a foster home can be found HERE.