Action is already being taken on several of the key recommendations of the province's Fair Deal Panel, says Banff-Kananaskis MLA Miranda Rosin.

The MLA was just one of three MLAs serving on the panel alongside such notable Conservatives as former PM Stephen Harper and Preston Manning.

"We are really at a turning point in our history," says MLA Rosin, "and there are paths that we can go down. We're in a pivotal time."

"I think decisions that are made by governments--federal, provincial, municipal--at this point in history are going to shape the course of our province, of our people, of our identity and our country forever."

"If we want to make sure that our country remains united and that are people remain united, we need to see big changes come into play. We need to make sure Albertans are respected and are treated properly in the confederation, and that they are getting their fair share."

Rosin says the 25 recommendations were shaped with input from thousands of Albertans. Action is already being taken on a number of the recommendations, including a future referendum on equalized payments, creating an Alberta pension plan, establishing an Alberta police force to replace the RCMP, and appointing an Alberta Chief Firearms Officer.

"What we recommend lays out a clear and formidable path for Albertans' prosperity and self-reliance on each other and our strength and place in the confederation."

She said the panel heard how Albertans believed they weren't being treated fairly and were fed up.

"We heard so many different ways that Albertans felt that they were giving all they have to the confederation, and the confederation wasn't giving back. That helped us shape the narrative of the report."

"After all that we have given to this country, after all, that we have paid for, and worked hard, and given to other people across this country, we are just not being treated with the same respect we give others in this country."

She says it's fuelling a desire in many to become a sovereign nation.