When a business grows to more than 10 times its original size in less than 20 years, it’s clearly doing something right.

“My dad and I started out in 2007,” recalls Patrick Wilson, co-owner and manager of Taxi4U. “We successfully went 24/7 from the beginning – as much of a stretch as that was at the time – and we’ve just kind of grown steadily ever since.”

From the pair of vehicles the start-up cab company operated those 17 years ago, Taxi4U has expanded to a fleet of more than 20. And Wilson is under no illusions as to how that success has come about.

“We have very humble roots,” he says, highlighting the value that local, family-owned-and- operated businesses bring to Cochrane. “I think people appreciate just knowing that we’re always here and answering the phone.”

As a ‘round-the-clock operation, the work doesn’t stop for Taxi4U and its roster of qualified drivers. Whether taking customers to and from the Calgary Stampede or Flames games, providing service to a large surrounding area, offering trips into the mountains or shuttling travellers back and forth between Cochrane and Calgary International Airport, they’re always ensuring their riders are getting where they need to be, no matter the time, and safely.

“We’re all professional drivers – so Class 1-2 or four,” Wilson says, pointing out that safety is paramount at Taxi4U. “We also do commercial vehicle inspections on all our vehicles.”

Naturally, one of the most popular services available through Taxi4U is its airport transportation. And those booking return trips receive 10% off.

“I think we beat the prices of any Calgary taxis, and probably ride sharing as well,” says Wilson. “We do a lot of airport trips and are popular with people travelling either short or long-term. It’s something we do every single day.”


For the community itself, Taxi4U offers flat rate pricing – GST included – within Cochrane. Typically, customers needing to run errands, attend appointments or simply get from A to B can expect to pay less than $20. There’s never a meter running, and the price doesn’t change. And drivers accept payment in the form of cash, card, Apple Pay or whatever method customers are most comfortable using.

As the main cab service between Calgary and Canmore, Taxi4U is also relied upon by riders in the surrounding area.

“We’re all over the place with things like events, business functions and weddings – you name it,” says Wilson. “We just want to make sure everybody out there knows we’re here and we’re available.”

Riders looking for a local Taxi4U ride can call 403-479-8294 (479-TAXI) or book online anytime at taxi4u.ca. Travellers needing to go to or from the airport are encouraged to reserve ahead of time, which they can also do over the phone or on the company’s website.

“We have come a long way from those two vehicles that started,” Wilson concludes.