Five people have been nominated for the 2022 Order of Cochrane, and now town council will be selecting the recipient by a secret ballot.

Dan Kroffat received two nominations for the award that recognizes an individual who has created a lasting legacy in the development of the community.

Robert Hatch, Stephenie Shelstad, Renne Delwisch, and Town Councillor Marni Fedeyko are the other nominees.

The award will be presented at a future council meeting.

Oddly, nominations opened for the 2022 award over a year ago.

According to a report presented to council on Nov. 27 by Kristin Huybrecht, Cochrane intergovernmental relations and corporate communications manager, nominations for 2023 will open in the first quarter of 2024.

Robin Harvie became the first member of the order in 2009, and the last was JoAnne Churchill.

Other members of the order are Valerie McCracken, Dr. Ross Watson, Susan Flowers, Betty and Denis Goodsell, Jack Tennant, Maureen Wills, Lydia Graham, Gordon Davies, Jimmy and Christina MacKay Family, and Barry Mjolsness. It wasn't presented in 2019.

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