Canada's chief public health officer is now officially recommending that Canadians wear non-medical face masks when we aren't able to maintain a two-metre distance.

Dr. Theresa Tam made the announcement yesterday, saying  "If you can’t predict whether you can maintain that two-metre distance, then it’s recommended that you wear the non-medical mask or facial covering."

I have been noticing more and more people wearing masks when I've been out grocery shopping or running errands. 

My mom sewed a few masks for me but I haven't worn them out yet. I wore them around the house for a few minutes and found it very hot and annoying. 

I definitely feel for anyone who has to wear them all day at work. 

I'm thinking I need to just suck it up and get used to it because I would imagine requiring to wear a mask is going to become more and more common. 

Have you been wearing a mask at work or when running errands?

Let me know your thoughts or do you have a fun or fancy mask and have any photo's to share