Andrea Johnston, like many, was deeply affected by the story of the 215 children buried near the Kamloops Residential School. She felt compelled personally, and in the capacity of Head Librarian of the Cochrane Public Library to do something to recognize the tragedy. So, as any good librarian would, she did some research.

In her search, she found an article in written by Charlene Bearhead calling educators to action by planting Heart Gardens. The article spoke of how the Heart Garden was introduced on June 3, 2015, at the closing ceremonies of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Johnston felt the Heart Garden would be the ideal way for the Cochrane Public Library to share messages of love, caring, honour, and memorial. Johnston knew instantly that the library could answer the call requested in the article and immediately purchase a bunch of wooden hearts to share with the community.

The Cochrane Public Library is asking all residents to take part in creating the Heart Garden to recognize the tragedy that has touched so many. You are invited to head to the library and pickup one, two, three, or more of the wooden hearts and take them home to decorate and write words of strength upon. Then you are asked to return the hearts which will then be placed in the Heart Garden in front of the Library.

The library is open for curbside pickup so Johnston says don’t hesitate to stop by, the curbside number is posted on the window so just give them a call.

She says, “Don’t be shy, just ask for as many hearts as you would like we’re happy to bring those out and have our patrons decorate them.

Everyone can have a part in growing the Heart Garden and feel as though they have done something to address the sorrow that is gripping our community, province, and country.

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