Cochrane is calling on grade three students to name the snowplows that will be soon battling the elements around town.

"We have challenged our grade three students to unleash their creativity by proposing the perfect names for not one, but four crucial snow plows, including our brand-new addition and a dedicated street sweeper," reads a release from the Town of Cochrane.

"Cochrane residents, you're invited too! We want you to be part of the action by voting for your favourite names once our young visionaries submit their ideas. After all, community involvement is what makes Cochrane so exceptional."

Similar contests have been held across Canada, with snow pun names coming out on top including Plowy McPlowface, Snowprah Winfrey, Catch My Drift, SnowBeGone Kenobi and CTRL-SALT-DELETE.

"The winning names, chosen by the vibrant Cochrane community, will adorn the sides of our real snow plows, showcasing the creativity and unity that defines our town," says Drew Hyndman, Executive Director Development & Infrastructure Services, Town of Cochrane. "But this contest isn't just about fun and games. It's a chance to spark essential conversations about winter safety and educate everyone on our top-notch snow removal services."

Public voting begins October 23 following the judging process that will announce the finalists.

For more details go HERE.

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