Leading up to the Helping Hands Society’s fall food drive in Cochrane north, signs were placed along roads to help inform residents of the upcoming event. Several of those signs have gone missing from Sunset Ridge.

Helping Hands is hoping Cochranites can help locate the following:

-Black metal pole for a large food drive flag

-3 black metal poles to make one large pole for the food drive flags.

-2 white Food Drive Saturday 10 AM signs.

Helping Hands Executive Director Chairra Nicolle says that not finding these signs would be a big hit to the non-profit. “ I saw a lot of social media where it was like oh it's all fun and obviously, absolutely, good fun, but those flags are about $400 each. When those disappear for a nonprofit, that's a big cost that we have to replace and we're looking at two right now.  The other ones are about $60 a set.”


The signs were last seen on Friday, and she has heard they may have ended up in different locations around Sunset or even Cochrane Ranche.

“Dropping them off at FCSS would be the best way to stay anonymous, even if it's just outside the door there. We can pick them up or if they want to just call or email any of us at Helping Hands, we will come and retrieve them if they don't want to drive down there.

“We would love to have them back no questions asked.”

If you know anything about the whereabouts of the signs, you are encouraged to call the Helping Hands Society at 587-580-9448 or you can contact them here.