Parking your trailer and recreational vehicle (RV) just got a whole lot easier, as Cochranites can now park on their driveways until the fall. 

Camping season is upon us, it's a coveted pastime by many residents across Southern Alberta, but parking isn't always convenient.

As more Cochranites retrieve their trailers and RVs from storage, Town of Cochrane Peace Officer, Bob Hope is reminding residents of the parking rules surrounding your home on wheels.

"As of May 1 until October 22 you can have your trailer parked on your driveway," says Hope. "If it's too long so it's overhanging onto a sidewalk, I would say be cognizant of that. If it's forcing pedestrians to move from the sidewalk onto the roads that's a safety concern and that's an offence under the Traffic Safety Act."

While driveway parking is permitted for the next five months, Hope says that there's a much smaller window for parking on the road.

"If you are having a trailer on the road, then the trailer can't be unhooked from the vehicle," says Hope. "It needs to be connected and it can only remain for 72 hours. After that, it needs to be removed from the area."

Hope says that the size does matter and if the motorized vehicles are too big then residential parking isn't an option.

"If your combined length of your truck and trailer is over 11 meters, then you can't park that in a residential area," says Hope. "You are taking up valuable parking for the community. Just be good neighbours is what I'd say."

Hope says that fines of at least $250 will be implemented to residents not complying with parking laws.