Students, staff, and volunteers of the Holy Spirit Catholic School provided most Fireside households with a special surprise on Apr. 12 in the spirit of Easter.

They braved the cold and delivered Easter cards, specially prepared by about 260 of the school's students.

School principal Kim Welte says each student prepared two cards to deliver to as many households as possible in the growing Fireside community.

"Our document services downtown helped create a little card for us, then the kids did the decorating on the front to say Happy Easter, and we'll see you soon."

The new Holy Spirit School is expected to open this fall, replacing the existing school in East Cochrane.

The card delivery is based upon a school tradition of distributing Christmas cards, she explains.

"It's quite a tradition in the neighbourhood, and I know even when we did it this year, one of our neighbours emailed me, saying I'm really going to miss receiving your Christmas card."

Many students also got a chance to see their new school from the outside, some for the first time.

"My school council chair was one of the volunteers today, and she said the kids were so excited to see the new building and were trying to guess what was what. The enthusiasm wore off as they delivered all their cards and they started to get cold, but most of them were excited to see it because it's a building now, most of it is done on the outside."

The school had hoped to take a drone photograph of their students by the school yesterday, but it was postponed due to poor weather. They'll try again in June, or later if necessary.

Fall registrations are now being accepted.

Those interested in receiving a registration package from the school can email Inquiries are welcomed from both Catholics and non-Catholics.